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About Dunmore Equestrian Centre

The Dunmore Equestrian Society is a non-profit created from the need for a  public equestrian/agricultural facility for over 100,000 rural and urban residents in southeastern Alberta.



  • The Dunmore Equestrian Centre is recognized as a first class destination for western
    heritage and culture, agriculture and recreational activities.


  • The Dunmore Equestrian Centre is a year-round, multi-purpose facility offering a
    variety of agricultural, community and social events and programs in Southern Alberta.


  • The Dunmore Equestrian Centre is conveniently located along the Trans Canada Highway in SE Alberta and recognized as a community hub for equestrian/agriculture competitions, recreation, western and Indigenous cultural programs and festivals

  • The Dunmore Equestrian Centre offers affordable and flexible space for hosting equestrian, recreational and community events and programs

  • The Dunmore Equestrian Centre collaborates with community partners to facilitate and deliver educational and recreational programs and workshops

  • The Dunmore Equestrian Centre demonstrates effective governance, strong leadership, and sustainable operations


  • Clinics/Workshops

  • Competitions, Rodeos and Events

  • Sr Home Country Pet Visits 

  • Equine Facilitated Wellness 

  • Facility Rentals

  • Riding Pass Memberships 

  • Horse Hotel (Drop in for travelers with livestock and participants)

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