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Our Core Beliefs

OUR VISION  A  world class  Ag/Equestrian facility to provide opportunities for recreation, personal development and rehabilitation for all ages through equine related activities; promoting a healthy active lifestyle and a strong community spirit that preserves our culture and heritage


  • Provide an inclusive, accessible, well maintained multi-functional facility

  • Foster partnerships with community groups, local business, health and educational institutions and government groups

  • Facilitate the delivery of programs, events and learning opportunities

  • Promote and sustain traditions, culture and heritage



 The Dunmore Equestrian Society members have articulated their purpose, social, cultural and environmental goals in their guiding principles:

  1. Respect culture and heritage by welcoming people of all ages disciplines and ethnic backgrounds

  2. Provide educational, therapeutic and recreational experiences and provide opportunities to connection to our culture, heritage and each other

  3. Foster sustainability by ensuring community ownership and values are reflected in the management and administration of the Dunmore Equestrian Society

  4. Create a fun and welcoming facility by reminding ourselves of the purpose of the Dunmore Equestrian Society and revisiting our vision and mission regularly

  5. Provide connections to each other by ensuring the Society follows all of the above principles and brings people together to celebrate the Canadian cultures and traditions that make all of us unique

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