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Corie Shock


Corie has been involved in farming & ranching most of her life and currently, alongside her family, runs a commercial cow/calf and grain farming operation. She is retired from the City of Medicine Hat Electric Engineering Division following a 34-year career there. Corie has been involved with many facets of the agricultural industry from an early age and believes it is imperative to volunteer time to provide a facility for all ages to utilize.

She has been involved with Dunmore Equestrian Society (DES) since 2015, concentrating her efforts on facility development, administration, 4-H, youth activities and rodeo. DES has already built a first-class outdoor riding facility and she believes they could greatly benefit with the addition of an indoor multi-functional agricultural facility to host equestrian, recreational and community events.

Corie is passionate about making this goal a reality and would like to see DES host or accommodate more events such as High School Rodeo, 4-H events, Equine Clinicians for Horsemanship, Ranch Roping, Starting Colts, and the list goes on.

Corie Shock
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