Who We Are

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The Dunmore Equestrian Society is a non-profit society formed by a group of rural residents who recognized the need and potential for a public equestrian/agricultural facility in Cypress County.


Our mission is to provide a safe inclusive environment to celebrate and share our heritage and promote a healthy active lifestyle. We are uniting rural and urban communities through equine related activities; providing opportunities for recreation, personal development, and rehabilitation for all ages.


Our main focus's are family events and programming for: youth, 4-H clubs, indigenous, elderly and facility rentals to various user groups. We provide 32 24'x24' "Horse Hotel" paddock rentals for travelers, individuals and other user groups.

Our main sponsors: Cavan Ranching Ltd., Medicine Hat Accommodation Associations and Cypress County as well as the hundreds of community members, businesses, and volunteers who are the reason we have this amazing public facility.